For over 15 years HELBO, in co-operation with clinical partners, has been concentrating on research in the field of laser therapy and has focused increasingly in the last years in particular on the field of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy. Today the company exclusively deals with this innovative therapy that can be used multifaceted both in dentistry and in general medicine.

Several research prizes and the support of the State research sponsoring fund reflect the high scientific standard of HELBO. The resulting knowledge and experience is poured into the therapy and product development.

The therapy systems offered, which are targeted optimally towards the clinical needs of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy, represent the latest in science and technology and naturally offer the highest level of safety for users and patients through compliance with international standards and regulations and CE- certification of all components.

HELBO places the highest importance on the quality demanded of the products, the study-based therapy methods and its provision of comprehensive training for users.

As market leader HELBO is your ideal partner for the antimicobial photodynamic therapy!

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